Part of the joy of having a CSA for me is to be able to pick fruits and vegetables at their peak or as near as I dare. When picking for stores in the past we had to pick so under ripe that there is not the same satisfaction knowing that those who eventually buy it will not be able to enjoy its full potential.
Picking fruit that is fully mature but still firm so that it will survive the ride to you neighborhood is not an easy task. For the past few year Trinidad has done a great job getting it right most of the time. Unfortunately for us he retired this year. Marcos has taken over his job in the orchard. He has been picking a little too green, under ripe. I showed him how to pick riper and now we are picking some fruit a little too over ripe. Rest assured he will get it right. Anna and Isabel do their best to remove over ripe fruit but sometimes it is not easy to identify.
If you get any sub par fruit just let us know and we will replace it. We would rather do that than send you fruit not fully ripe. My goal is for you to have a box of produce that is as fresh and ripe as you could have picking it from your own garden.
Thanks for your support of Eatwell Farm… Nigel