This is an exciting opportunity to help make a positive impact on the types of foods offered to children in schools across the country! We'll be donating some of our produce for the event and may even be able to attend. Interested? Here's the lowdown:

In San Francisco, Slow Food SF is organizing a Time for Lunch Eat-In,a public political potluck, to be held at Civic Center Plaza across from City Hall at Noon on Labor Day as part of a national day of
action. Our goal is to bring together over 500 people to share a meal together and send a clear message to our local and national leaders.

EAT-IN to get REAL FOOD in School Lunch
Labor Day, September 7th, 12:00-3:00pm
Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco
Please RSVP at and

Twitter: @SlowFoodSF and #timeforlunch #eatinsf


What is Time for Lunch, you ask?

Well, Slow Food USA has launched Time for Lunch, a national campaign to change what children eat at school and to let Congress know that it’s time for change in the school cafeteria. The federal Child Nutrition Act, which funds the School Lunch Program, is up for reauthorization this fall. We want to send a clear message to Congress that it’s time to recognize all children’s right to eat healthy, nutritious food at school.

The new National School Lunch Program:

  • provides a meal to more than 30 million children every school day.
  • raises the reimbursement rate from 2.57 to $3.57, investing an extra dollar in quality ingredients with more nutrients.
  • funds grants for innovative Farm to School programs and edible school gardens. A one-time grant will enable schools to purchase local foods and to teach lessons on healthy eating in kitchen and garden classrooms.
  • establishes financial incentives that encourage schools to buy food from local farms for all child nutrition programs

For more information on the national campaign, please visit