It takes many hard working people to produce our Eatwell boxes every week. On days such as Tuesday with high winds and torrential rains it takes special people to get out there and pick the produce. It was not done grudgingly but with a sense of adventure, a smile and community.

In past years we have picked in conditions that were so bad that it was funny. Tuesday was one of those days.

Not so funny was the loss of 48 pullets. These were from the new flock that should start to lay any day. They can go inside the house or hide under the chicken house. The losses were from under the house where we think they piled up on one another in panic. We still have 850 pullets in this flock so we will still have enough eggs. The loss of birds that we have worked hard to raise is still felt.

The farm looks a little bruised but I am happy to tell you that all the 4" of water soaked in without any leaving the farm. Many roads around here were flooded with water flowing off farm fields but not ours.

It is my observation that organic fields are able to soak up more water. We are blessed with amazing  soil which showed its worth over the past few days.

Rainfall will make the fall crops jump out of the ground. The soil is still warm so we expect rapid growth. i will give a fuller update on the farm in the next couple of days.

Below packing the Thursday boxes yesterday afternoon.