Last Saturday we had the pleasure of providing the chickens for a family party at John Lagier’s farm in Escalon. The Naked Neck Turkens were cooked by Tomas from Roli-Roti. Many of you may know him from farmers markets. Tomas has cooked these on the grill before but only in Europe. He calls these chickens ‘Poulet Rouge’ after the famous French Brand. They are different in shape and flavor to the regular Cornish Cross that we are all familiar with. His tips for cooking them will be on the website soon.
Please let us know which breed of chickens you prefer. When you collect your chickens we will give you a link to a survey page where we hope you will take the time to give your feedback. This will help us in our decision making over the winter.

So why are we getting ourselves into another venture? I ask myself that often but this does have some logic behind it: We grow the best vegetables after the fields have rested for a year growing a cover crop. Even better is a cover crop with chickens eating and fertilizing it all year. The fertility helps the next two years of crops grow with very little inputs. The rest breaks weed and disease life cycles. This all adds up to moving us to a more sustainable farm. Each field will from now on grow vegetables for two years then take a sabbatical  and back into vegetables, renewed.

To see a video of our chicken tractors go to our youtube page