I must admit I was concerned about the building department inspecting the drains we installed under the house. I put in two drains one for the toilets and the other for everything else. We will eventually use the non toilet waste water for irrigating the landscape, after treatment. The Inspector, Mike, was totally not phased by this.

Fernando set about filling in the trenches as soon as the inspector passed them. We then set about installing the conduit that will distribute all the electrical wires around the house. After that we put in the internet conduit and today the water conduit. We are using Pex tubing for the hot and cold water lines which has to go inside conduit. Today we put in all the 'extra' tubes just in case we or my children's children might need them. The house is made from concrete so this makes it imperative that we put conduit everywhere we 'may' need it.

below the electrical conduit comes back to the breaker box. More pictures on the Facebook page under Green Roof Farmhouse.