We buy seed for planting on the farm from three sources; Johnnys Selected Seeds, Lockharts and Snow Seeds. When the seeds arrive I check them all and put all but the large bags of seed into 1 gallon ziploc bags which we use for storage and identification.

Roberto plants all the seeds in the field. I prepare them in groups as often we are sowing multiple varieties on each bed. For example; our lettuce planting consists of three varieties at the present time, Lettony, defender and Firecracker. Each variety goes into two seed units and sows a total of four rows. The machine sows twelve rows per bed. I put all the seeds for that bed into a plastic bag and write on it how many beds we need to sow. Then comes the paperwork, I record what we sow and when for our own records.

We go through a great deal of seed throughout the year. I like to buy it as fresh as possible. I keep the seed in coolers inside a dead freezer. This protects them from the temperature fluctuations of the seasons.