Anna and Isabel are seen here rinsing Leeks for you box this week. We avoid washing what we put in your box each week if at all possible for two very simple reasons;
Unwashed produce keeps better. This is especially important as we tend to pick on the riper side. Lots of produce in the store has to be picked unripe as it has so far to travel and must keep for long periods of time before spoiling.

When you wash produce such as lettuce you have to be very careful. The water must be chlorinated and always rinsed with fresh water and then dried in a spinner. Often the lettuce must be packed in a plastic bag that filled with gases to stop degradation. Many Farms like ours do wash salad greens and I tend to err on the side of caution because if one lettuce is contaminated because a bird flew over and decided to make a fecal deposit then all the lettuce washed in that water shares the same contamination. The only way to avoid this is chlorination.

We wash our tanks with a chlorine solution then rinse before we add produce. In this way we start with a clean environment. As you can see from the picture above the leeks are soaked then rinsed with clean water.

Our lettuce and spinach is packed unwashed. You then take out what you need, wash it and enjoy. We have a customer who's sister is a food safety scientist for a large supermarket chain and she confirms that what we do is the safest policy.

Furthermore when I open an Eatwell Box I like to see produce that is just picked. A little dirt is something that we just have to get over. Think of it this way... we have just gone out into our garden, picked the produce and delivered it to you as quickly as we can. There is no other person involved, no distribution depot, to back storage at the store, no one picking through on the store shelf before you buy it. An Eatwell Box is very simple, satisfying and real.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send us an email or call me on my cell phone 530 848 3335.