As you can see Daisy is not exactly a puppy anymore. She has grown into a very fine dog indeed.

Last Tuesday morning I heard Coyotes and Daisy barking at 6am. Agustin and I went out to check what was going on at 6.30 am. We found Daisy was out of the chicken fence. The coyotes are used to the fact that Daisy lives with the chickens so if they keep clear of them then Daisy is no threat to them. This fact changed when Daisy found her way out of the fence and gave chase. She did not catch any but they certainly got a fright. She is about twice the size of a male coyote and a natural born coyote killer.

We do want to keep her focused on staying inside the chicken fence so we will have to look at our fence and see what we can do to keep her inside. We like the coyotes to keep the rabbit, pheasant and squirrel populations under control so we do not want to scare them away.

Daisy is not so sure she likes Agustin's new electric golf cart.