Once the rains stopped we had to wait for the soil to dry out enough to be able to get out into the field and cultivate. Every year we seem to go in too soon. Luckily this year I could work on the new farm house to keep myself occupied and distracted while the soil dried out.

This first cultivation is with our spring tine cultivator which a a custom piece of equipment we had built by a welding shop in Woodland many years ago. It lightly cultivates the surface soil, which is dry, without disturbing the wet soil underneath. This allows us to help the wet soil dry out sooner. Once the soil is dry to the depth we need to prepare beds then this cultivator is put away until  next year.

Last Monday I prepared beds with our power mulcher while Roberto got to work sowing seeds. Since then our two tractors have been working 10 hours or more per day, every day. Today I was supposed to take a half day shift with Roberto, Jose and Ramon. Ramon offered to do a whole day, so I took the opportunity to catch up with office work.