Many people who think they don’t like fennel have enjoyed this dish! Give yourself plenty of time to let it cook (at least half an hour), although you can eat it at most any stage. Here it is: Cut a fennel bulb quarters and sauté in olive oil on medium-high heat until it turns brown. Cover pan with a lid and turn fennel slices occasionally. You can also add garlic at the sauté stage. Yum!

When the fennel has browned to your liking, reduce the heat and add white wine (and water if you need to) to nearly cover. Simmer. You can do this with or without water and with or without wine (you'll need one of the liquids, at least)–it really depends on what you have available. The white wine gives it a certain extra flavor. Remember that the alcohol will burn while cooking!

Simmer the fennel for as long as you like; you can eat them at their firmer stages, but most folks like it more caramelized. In that case, simmer until the liquid is all gone; you may even need to add some more. ENJOY!

recipe originally from Danute, found in Eatwell Farm recipe files.