Christiana is Cousin Barney's sweety. Don't be fooled by the lack of butter; it's tasty and fast. Remember, with all pastry, minimum handling! I use whole wheat pastry flour; plain whole wheat is heavier, unbleached is lighter. Squash Pie Filling For One 9" Crust

2 cups flour salt - up to 1 tsp ½ cup safflower oil 5-6 Tbsp. cold water (possibly more with whole wheat)

Note:Does not freeze

Mix salt and flour then mix with oil. Add water. Mix as little as possible until just holds together. Press into ball. Can refrigerate or not. Dampen counter and put down wax paper. Shape dough into initial circle on paper. Cover with wax paper and roll out. Remove top paper and invert bottom paper and crust over pie tin. This is the great secret to making crusts!