Here's what we hope to put in your box this week (June 2nd-3rd). Please note that this list to subject to change, for any variety of reasons. It's best to read your newsletter with each delivery to know for sure what we have packed for you.

Note: There may be some last minute changes due to weather, maturity, etc. Most items are picked the day before delivery.

Not sure what some of these items look like? One great website I recommend visiting

A note on quantities: our box should feed a household of 1-3 with every-other-week service, or 2-5 with weekly service. Larger households may wish to receive more than one box per week or supplement their box at the farmer's market. Of course, this all depends on your eating habits! Note that it is easy to change your delivery schedule once you begin -- just call Molly (866.627.2465) for details about how to do this.