P7120008.JPGAfter dark last Monday night I went out into the chicken pasture to close up both pullet houses. The only time the doors are closed on our houses is when we move them. They have been in confined pens allowing them access to the outside but not too much space that would allow hawks to swoop in and grab one. they are now big enough to join the regular flock. We close them up then the next morning Roberto arrives with the tractor and tows them to their destination. these girls are Barred Rocks and a very well behaved bunch because all but a couple were roosting in their house. Compare them to another house of Redstars who decide to spend the night out side with only a couple enoying the roosts we provide. We work long days so asking the crew to come in after dark to load 800 chickens into their house is not what we do here. So the plan for these girls is to move the house 100 or so feet each day in the direction we want them to go. In this way they do not get confused where their home is. Eventually they will end up where we want them. It's a good job that the eggs are very tasty.