This is something new we’re doing with our brand-new system! We will be posting the accurate list of each day’s box contents here, so you can double-check against the contents of your box! What’s in your box today (consume in order of appearance on this list!):

Heirloom Tomatoes: Summer is officially here now that the tomatoes are and they are delicious! We have Black Brandywines, Red Brandywines, Piriform, Lemon Boys, Copias, Purple Calabash, and Green Zebras just to name a few.  They are of varying ripeness with the intention that you will have some that are perfectly ripe to eat right away and some that will be great in the following days. Please note that some of the heirloom varieties are green and are ripe. These are from our transitional fields, so they are not certified organic. Please contact us with questions about transitional produce & organic certification; we’re happy to explain how we keep the items separate. We finally entered our third year of transition to organic on our leased piece of land — we’ll be able to have the parcel certified Nov. 2010!  Store on counter upside down (never in fridge!). Tomatoes are famously fragile, so please make sure you eat them soon!

Shady Lady Tomatoes: It's a tomato fest!  You'll receive 2 lbs of these delicious fruits this week.  These are from our transitional fields (see above) and are not certified organic.  As stated above, we are putting in your boxes a mixture of ripeness of tomatoes.  These are a slightly heartier slicing tomato and will last longer than the heirloom tomatos.  Store on counter (never in fridge!) and eat soon.

Strawberries: So sweet & tasty! Store in fridge in green basket in paper bag or in closed plastic container with a damp paper towel. Wash only when ready to use. Eat soon. Please return green baskets to your delivery site in an orderly fashion!

Parsley:  The beautifully clean, crisp flavor adds depth to many a dish!  Store in a plastic bag in the fridge and use rather quickly.

Cucumber We were hoping to have more cucumbers, but unfortunately the odd weather this year has  affected that.  You will either receive a thin-skinned middle eastern cucumber or the long Suyo type.  Both are excellent and non-bitter varieties.  Store in plastic bag in crisper of fridge.

Plums :   Some of the plums this week are black and some are of the Emerald Beaut variety and boy are they amazing!  Don’t be fooled- they actually have green skin on the outside and yellow flesh on the inside so they are ripe and ready to eat.  To ripen fruit if slightly firm, store in a paper bag on the counter for a couple of days.  Store ripe fruit in fridge, and wash before eating. YUM!

Summer Squash:  Store in fridge in plastic bag.  Can damage easily but adds a special something to any sauté, soup, or bread.

Eggplant:  These are absolutely gorgeous!  The best way to draw out bitterness  is to cube it & cover with a LOT of salt (in a bowl). Let sit for 20+ minutes. Wash off salt & sauté or otherwise cook.  Store in fridge crisper for best results.

Poblano Peppers: Oh how we love peppers!   These are the spicy dark green peppers in your box this week.  Keep in the crisper for best results and wash before use.  To roast peppers, place over flame on stove (or in broiler).  Rotate so entire pepper is blackened.  Remove from the heat and place in a bowl with lid/plate covering it.  When cool enough to touch, rinse off blackened skin.  Delicious!

Sweet Gypsy Peppers:  We just love these sweet little peppers.  They are great sauteed, roasted, or raw. See above for information on roasting peppers.  Store in crisper in fridge and wash before use.

Onions:  From our transitional fields (see tomatoes above). These onions are bunched & ready to eat! Peel outer leaves & wash. Great raw or cooked. Store in fridge.