PA110031.JPG Well not quite but I am unhappy to report that most of our neighbors cultivate their soil when it is dry. On a windy day the soil kicked up by the cultivation blows away. This is not to say that sometimes this does not happen to a lesser degree  when we have let the soil dry out too much before we cultivate. Over the years I have been working with Roberto and Ramon, our tractor drivers, encouraging them to work with moister soils.

Top soil has been said to be the marriage of heaven and earth. Whatever it is we survive here on this planet because of it. Civilizations have crumbled when they exhausted their topsoil.

Cover crops and crop rotations all play an important role in keeping, building and nurturing our topsoil at Eatwell Farm. We can then pass it on to future generations in good heart to feed our grandchildren.

Being a member of Eatwell Farm  is way more that just a weekly box of vegetables or pasture raised eggs. Thank you for your support