P8290031.JPG The state of play with the flocks on the farm at this moment helps us understand what it takes to keep the eggs coming every week. We have two flocks laying strong, these started laying in August and September. A third flock has been laying strong since the spring and their production is waning. This third flock will be replaced in March with a fresh batch of chicks. Flocks 4 and 5 are four weeks and eight days old respectively. They will start laying in the spring and be our main producers next summer. We will be building a sixth chicken house this winter which will house another flock to come into lay next September to give us a second flock for winter eggs with flock number three. I hope this is not too confusing, it has taken me too many years to work out this schedule so that we have  consistent egg production for our members. Any extra is very easy to sell, Rainbow Grocery would take them all. We do sell eggs at the Farmers market at the Ferry Plaza.

We are keeping careful tabs on our expenses, so far this year increased production and  moving to sprouted grains have hopefully offset other cost increases. Last year Molly and our Bookkeeper Eleanora worked out the cost of production of the eggs at just under $6 per dozen. This did not include any selling or delivery expenses or farm overhead. I am hoping that we have held this steady. As I keep telling Eleanora our profit is happy customers and the fertility that the chickens leave behind.  Her job is to count the beans, but she is also very keen on the eggs also.