PB220004.JPG Celery is devoid of pretty much any useful nutrients except fiber but there are times that it is an important vegetable. Now is that time. We go to great lengths to make sure we have some for the Eatwell Boxes at Thanksgiving and Festivus.

The crop is planted in Early July, the plants are grown for us organically by Headstart Nursery in Gilroy. At that time of the year it is hot and the young plants could fry very easily. As soon as the crop is planted we apply water for about 3 hours then we wait a few hours or overnight and put hoops and shade cloth over the beds. The water is turned on again for a couple more hours. Over the first week the plants get a couple of hours daily. This crop takes a great deal of water to grow as the roots are shallow.

This years crops is our best yet. Enjoy.