We could not start picking for the market this morning until after 10am due to frost. Picking frozen vegetables damages them, we wait till they thaw. Last night after coming home from our Thanksgiving celebration I checked the citrus and decided to turn on the sprinklers. We use low volume sprinkler nozzles to spray the trees with water. As the water freezes on the citrus it gives up heat as it changes state. This heat keeps the citrus at or just below freezing even while the outside temperature may still be 5 degrees lower. For a more technical treatise click here. We will be at the market in the morning so now we are loading the trucks. We are also packing orders from our lavender website. We ship lavender, our flavored salts and other products all over the country. Many people who have visited San Francisco buy a lavender salt and want more when they get home. We are having a promotion this holiday season which is on now, $10 discount once you spend $60 or more. This is deducted at the checkout.

The sale of these products helps us make improvements to the farm. Last year we raised over $5,000! We are hoping to do that again this year. The gifts are simple and pure. They make very reasonably priced hostess gifts or for work colleagues.