PC010008.JPG Late on Wednesday afternoon Roberto and I took a walk into the fields to check out the germination of seed sown in November. We were happy with all but one variety of spinach. The lettuce in this picture is doing very well. We did notice some grass seedlings which we are not so happy about. This was a clover and rygrass pasture this summer which the chickens lived on until September. When we were very busy in the summer we mowed the pasture a few days too late and some grasses set seed. The idea with the pasture is to reduce the weed pressure not create problems. We have made a very strong mental note to keep onto of the pasture and mow it next summer if we see any weeds flowering.

These lettuce will be ready to harvest in February. Roberto is very pleased with his work. He makes all the seed sowings and does most of the tractor work on the farm.

Some of the beds were dry enough for us to cultivate with our brush hoe today. Tunnels protect the seedlings and rotating brushes take out any seedling weeds.