As we deliver boxes 50 weeks of the year we really do not have a season. We are always planting and harvesting. But this is as good a time as any to take stock.
We can start with the weather which has given us quite a roller coaster ride this year. We started with hail, then cold and dark well into summer. According to some of the local farmers this kind of very late spring happens around here every twenty years or so. It was my first, in what was my 17th year farming in California.
The tomato crop was so late, the crop was great, we had too many at once as did every other farmer. There was plenty for our tomato sauce parties on the farm. The farm events, especially the sleepovers are my favorite. We hope to have more next year. Once the farmhouse is finished, Fernando and I will work on finishing the event space. We continually strive to make improvements to the farm.
Molly left this year with her partner and now fiancé, Sonny. Sonny took a job teaching math in Santa Rosa. Liz has very aptly taken her place and we are happy to welcome her and Ashlee in the office.
I hope to spend some time over the upcoming weeks looking at seed catalogs, with an eye toward increasing the variety in your box. We do listen to your suggestions! Our goal for 2011 is to continue to work on increasing the variety and value in the box. We will not forget the staples such as onions, spinach, carrots, etc. We will also work hard to increase our efficiency in the office and on the farm.
These are difficult times for everyone, and you can rest assured that we will remain focused on great boxes of produce, eggs and the service that goes with them…. Nigel