It has been a rainy holiday break here on the farm but the last two days we have had a significant down pour. Jaime is taking care of the chickens today and it is messy. He is using the tractor as the golf cart cannot get out to the field. This is a big mess that we will have to clean up in the spring. Over the holidays Lorraine and I have been spending some time in the office reorganizing.  It is the best time to do it with an empty office. The shredder has been running until it overheats and then some. It feels good to get things straight again.

On the farm we often use this time to tidy up or do some pruning. The guys like to work a few days or half days but the weather has put a stop to any of that. We need the rain to recharge the ground water table and to fill Lake Berryessa. Our soil is soaking up the water like  the great organic sponge that it has become. This is a great reminder that you get a great box of vegetables and fruit but by supporting us and the way we farm this land is preserved and nourished to feed future generations.

This weeks box will include...

Satsuma Mandarins

Pink Lady Apples





Watermelon Daikon




Savoy Cabbage (Sorry for the last minute change!)

Liz and Ashlee will be back in the office on Monday morning. There are many emails, phone messages and new applications to catch up on. We will get to them all as fast as we can. Enjoy the season... Nigel