Oregano:  This versatile and aromatic herb matches well with just about anything..meats, veggies, salad dressings, sauces, pasta, you name it!  Should be kept in plastic bag in fridge for immediate use.  Use three times more fresh herbs than dried herbs in a recipe calling for dried.  Fresh herbs will last just a few days.  To dry, place fresh herb leaves on screens in a dry spot away from direct sun to dry. When dried, store in an airtight jar. Lemon OR Meyer Lemon:  These sweet little treasures are either from the farm or from our friend Bill at Everything Under the Sun in Winters where everything is sustainably grown.  The Meyers have a sweeter and less acidic taste than the other lemons.  Try them in your tea--beautiful!  Store in fridge.

Mandarins:  These delicious little cuties are either from the farm or from our friend Bill at Everything Under the Sun in Winters, Ca and are sustainably grown, but are not certified organic.  Boy, do they have delicious citrus!   These make a great afternoon snack or great salad addition.  Wash and peel.

Early Navel Oranges:  These are the first of the season and either from the farm or sustainable grown by our friend Jim Shrupps in Winters.  They store well in the fridge.

Spinach:  From our transitional fields meaning it is not (yet) certified organic.  Please contact us with questions about transitional produce & organic certification; we’re happy to explain how we keep the items separate. We finally entered our third year of transition to organic on our leased piece of land — we’ll be able to have the parcel certified sometime this month! May be muddy (click on the spinach link to see why). To clean, first rinse quickly to remove mud chunks. Then fill up a bowl with cold water. Remove leaves from stems & all yellow leaves. Put in water, swish, & let soak for 5-10 min. Lift leaves out of water, rinse & blot/spin dry. Use the discarded water for your houseplants! Store in plastic bag in fridge.

Escarole/ Frisee Mix: From our transitional fields (see spinach above). These gorgeous bitter greens are tasty either raw or cooked. Eat raw with a sweeter dressing to balance the bitter flavor.  The bitter flavor mellows when cooked. Wash well before use, and store in plastic bag in fridge.

Romanesco:  Too pretty to eat?  Beside it’s mesmerizing fractals, it tastes amazing too!  It’s hard to say if it is more like broccoli or cauliflower, but it’s actually an early precursor to both.  Store in fridge in plastic bag and wash before using.  Enjoy!

Mustard Greens:  The beautiful ruffled leaves of the mustard plant have a slightly pungent and peppery flavor and are highly nutritious.  They can be added raw to salad or sauteed or braised to tame the bitterness.  Store in crisper in fridge and wash before eating.  For something different, try making pesto with mustard greens and peanuts instead.

Turnips:  This ancient veggie is one of the earliest to be cultivated and was a staple before the potato.  It is rich in fiber, calcium, and vitamins A and C.  They are from our transitional fields (see spinach above) and are not (yet) certified organic.  If they arrive with their green tops, remove and store in separate plastic bags in fridge and wash before eating.

Carrots: From Terra Firma Farms near Winters, CA. CCOF certified organic. Remove greens from roots before putting in fridge. Store in plastic bag. Wash well before eating.