Thanks to Eve Fox for suggesting this quick and easy recipe!  Her version is with lime and cilantro, but try using the parsley and lemon from your box instead.  It makes a fresh side dish or addition to fish tacos! 1/2 large head of red cabbage (or 1 very small head - they're just often enormous), outer leaves removed 2 lemons 1 cup fresh parsley 1/2 tsp sea salt 1 tsp honey (you could also use agave or maple syrup - I just think honey tastes best)

Thinly slice the cabbage (you can use a mandolin if you have one but a sharp knife is also just fine) and wash the parsley, pulling the leaves off the stems.  Juice the limes and add the honey and salt, stirring until the honey has dissolved into the liquid. Toss the cabbage with the lemon juice, honey, salt mixture and add the cilantro - stir well to combine. With time, the cabbage will begin to release more of its juices (bathing everything in a beautiful, brilliant purple) and the cabbage will soften slightly, but it's tasty at any point.

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