Chives:  These should be kept in a plastic bag in the fridge and wash right before use.  You can also freeze them!  Mix finely-chopped chives with just enough olive oil or butter to bind them together and freeze the mixture in ice cube trays.  They do not dry well and will last for only a few days.  Remember:  fresh herbs are tender and heat will destroy their flavor;  they should be added toward the end of the cooking time or sprinkled over the top of a dish just before serving.

Lemons:  These juicy dreams add a great touch to many a dish and salad.   They are also from Twin girls Farm near Fresno and are QAI certified organic.  Store in fridge.

Navel Oranges:  These beautiful fruits are from our friend Nacho at Twin Girls Farm near Fresno and are QAI (Quality Assurance International) certified organic.  We’ve been friends with this family farm for a long time and see them every week at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market and yes, they do have twin teenage girls.  They sell some of their goods to Purity, so that will explain if it has a market sticker on it. Stores well in fridge.  Peel and enjoy!

Stir-Fry Mix:  Bright and beautiful!  This is a mix of kales, collards, and chard.  Chop and sautee in olive oil or butter for a lovely side-dish.  Also tasty raw.  Store in plastic bag in fridge and wash well before using.

Red Russian Kale:  This beautifully ruffled leafy-green is full of calcium and iron and will turn bright green when perfectly cooked (if it’s brown, it’s overdone).  Slice leaf from stem and store in plastic bag in fridge.  Wash before use.  Check out the website for a quick and easy way to make kale chips!

Celery: This small crunchy bunch of ribbed stalks is actually in the same plant family as carrots, parsley, and fennel.  It is claimed to help reduce inflammation in the joints and is a vital ingredient in many a soup.  Store in plastic in crisper and wash well.

Green Garlic: This young garlic has a milder and less bitter bite than garlic cloves and sweetens when cooked and can also be eaten raw.  It has flat leaves with v-shaped cross sections.  Store in fridge and use within a week.  Enjoy!

Leeks:  These large alliums are rather mild in flavor and simply melt to perfection when sauteed.  Use in soups, stir-fry, or in place of onions in other dishes for a delicious and more subtle flavor.  The green tops are great for making stock! Store in fridge and wash very well before using.

Pink Lady Apples:  These apples are from Smit Orchards in Linden, CA and are certified organic.  Keep in the fridge or on the counter (depending on how you like them) and wash before consuming.

Red Cabbage:  Cabbage is wonderful because it cooks quickly, is versatile, and tastes so good.  Red cabbage is particularly lovely sliced thin in green salads and really brightens up a coleslaw.  Store in fridge and wash well before use.

Carrots: Enjoy these sweet and crunchy certified organic treats are from our friends at Terra Firma Farm in Winters.  Store in plastic bag and wash well before eating.