A wet spring is good to fill all the reservoirs but not so great if you are a flower waiting for a bee to come around and do its stuff. The bees had more sense than to go out in the rain. Even so we do have some fruit, much more than I expected. I am trying not to get too excited as there could be disease problems later from the rain. Each spring before the buds open I spray with an organic approved  copper material ( Nordox 75WP)  to keep peach leaf curl at bay. I managed to spray one time then the rain came. The material does wash off the tree and I do not want copper in the soil. I did not spray again. So we do have peach leaf curl, more than I would like. Infected leaves will drop. There is a 'reserve parachute', another leaf will grow. This does deplete the energy from the tree so I will make sure that we remove any extra fruit leaving energy to grow next years fruit bud. We have three extra lines of trees producing fruit this year so we should have enough fruit for your summer boxes.