DSCF0720.JPG When we were buying this farm thirteen years ago we were concerned about any chemical contamination. There is a pond that catches all the irrigation run off. I came on to the land late one evening to see if there were any frogs in the pond. The noise was amazing, so many. Frogs are very sensitive to agricultural chemicals so we were in the clear.

We now have a new pond on the farm. The one made when we excavated the soil to put on top of our farmhouse. The pond is eleven feet deep, we have tried to fill it but to no avail. The sandy soil leaks away the water and we will have to line it when money becomes available. The bottom of the pond has clay so there is always a couple feet deep of water. We have frogs in this pond too and so many tadpoles! This is a living farm, it is a small part in a  journey to what we hope will be a more sustainable future for all of us.  Thank you for all your support.. Nigel