DSCF1473.JPG We have 7.5 acres of orchard. Many varieties of peaches, nectarines, citrus, cherries,plums, apricots, pluots, apriums and grapes. The last two springs have been wet and cold. The blossom in the spring needs dry warm days for two very good reasons. Firstly the bees only fly and pollinate the flowers when the weather is warm and secondly rain promotes disease which can even cause the demise of a pollinated flower.

At this time of the year we should have peaches and or nectarines plus some plums for your boxes. I got complaints about not enough vegetables in the box up until a few years ago from some members. Our box was described as very fruity.

There is very little we can do about the spring weather. If it is a nice spring next year we will have to thin the fruit heavily as the trees have had two years of very low production. Fruit takes energy from the trees, I have been holding the trees back by not applying compost and keeping a careful eye on the water. Too much vegetative growth means we have to prune heavily in the winter. When you prune hard that in itself promotes strong growth. So these two wet springs have put the trees off balance. Getting them back on track will be a welcome if not hard task.

We will have some of our own grapes, our vines are still young so not quite in full production yet.

Some farms have fruit, these are mostly south of us and some to the north around Chico. They did not get the storms that we did or so hard. We could buy in fruit for your box but it would have to be picked under ripe to make the journey. If you have strong opinions about this let me know. It is your farm... Nigel