This 2-day workshop is a process oriented ritual art project.  In the process of making 18” hoop drums you will express in symbols and sound the nature of your present life, the traditions that brought you here, and your hopes for the future.  The physical work of building your drum provides an opportunity to examine your beliefs about competence and community while investing the drum with the authority to speak for you.  We will end by playing our new drums together.  I draw on Celtic design and symbolism along with Japanese technique to ensure a successful experience.  Participants may arrive Friday evening for a settling in and preparation session.  Meals utilizing farm produce will be provided. Come to the drum that plays itself and let it play you.  Find comfort, challenge and healing in the wisdom of the heartbeat.  Safely share what can never be spoken.

Dates: Saturday-Sunday, September 17-18, 2011

Time:  Saturday 10 a.m. to Sunday 5 p.m.

Friday night preparation:  arrive between 5 and 10 p.m.

Place: Eatwell Farm in Dixon

Cost: $550 for the workshop.  Additional $50 for Friday evening.

$300 minimum deposit due by 8/1/11

Balance due by 9/1/11

Registration: Contact Lorraine at 530-554-3971

For more information about the workshop:  Contact Michael at 925-209-0248

BeWell Event Center is located at Eatwell Farm in Dixon CA.  It provides events and workshops that allow people to reconnect with the source of their nourishment.  For information contact

Michael Elder, MFT has studied drum traditions from around the world and has been making drums since 1987.  As well as conducting drum-making workshops, he has written and published articles on drums and drum making.  He can be contacted at

This workshop is for participants 18 and over only.  We will not be able to accommodate children or pets during the workshop.  Please make appropriate off-site care arrangements as needed.