DSCF1218.JPG We are continuing to harvest lavender. We have a large order from a cosmetic wholesaler in San Rafael. The lavender is cut with just the flowers on the stem then taken to Sonoma where it is distilled. The resulting hydrosol is used in cosmetic manufacture. There has to be a paper trail as the hydrosol complies with Ecocert regulations  for companies that sell their cosmetics to Europe. The lavender is harvested on Thursdays and Fridays before or after lunch. At this time the oils are at their best for distilling. Once we are finished with the lavender we move onto Lemon Verbena. Drinkwell Softers, Lorraine’s naturally fizzy soft drinks, are becoming a big customer for the hydrosol. Lorraine uses the hydrosol to flavor her drinks. There are four flavors available in stores now, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Rose Geranium and Rosemary. The use of the hydrosol of the plant for flavor allows the drinks to remain stable and delicious for several months. Please take a look at today's Chronicle, a reporter from the Chronicle called her last week asking to include her in a story about new soft drinks. Please ask for the drinks at your local store.