DSCF1415.JPG Since we planted the fall garden the temperatures have  stayed around 90 F which they like much better than 100 degree days. Ricardo has been making sure that they do not go without water which is a big help in their establishment. Ramon and Ramon spent Monday morning cultivating with our finger weeder. We bought this five years ago this month, we just finished the payments on it.  We also bought a brush weeder which we use on the much closer planted spinach and lettuce. They were imported directly from Switzerland for $25,000 total for both. In our first year using them Jose and I calculated that they had paid for themselves in saved time and cleaner crops. This finger weeder disturbs the seedling weeds between the plants in the row. These are the weeds that Roberto cannot remove with the knives on the toolbar. There are almost always still some weeds to come back through and remove with a hoe. The time saved is significant. I saw this tool at a farm machinery show in Paris. I took notice as a fellow farmer in England has a very clean crop of cabbage which he proudly said had not been hoed by hand just with the finger weeder. I had a brush hoe while farming in England many years ago so we decided to buy both.