Basil:  Some of you asked to be buried in basil , so we are attempting to do just that!  It is a succulent, oh-so-aromatic  herb that adds depth to many a dish and can be made into a tasty pesto  Store in plastic bag in fridge and use soon.

Cherry Tomatoes:  Enjoy this colorful mix of heirloom cherry tomatoes! These delicious candy-like treats are a welcome addition to any green salad, pasta salad, or as a quick snack.  Never store in fridge to maintain great flavor and texture.  Keep them on the counter and eat soon.

Heirloom Tomatoes:  We have Brandywine, Piriform, Lemon Boys, Copias, Purple Calabash and Green Zebras to name a few (see the website for photos of each).  These make a killer bruschetta or BLT sandwich.  The crew has picked them of varying ripeness so you will have some to enjoy today and some that will keep through the week.  These beauties should be stored on the counter to preserve the flavor and eaten soon.  Wash before eating and enjoy!

Roma Tomatoes:  Making there debut this week and first of the season!  These plum tomatoes are perfect for sauces and salsas. Always store tomatoes on the counter, as putting them in the fridge will change their texture and flavor. Wash well before eating  and enjoy!

Middle Eastern Cucumbers OR Summer Squash:   With a delicate flavor, the zucchini can be quickly sauteed or steamed with just a touch of oil or butter and some fresh herbs.  It also goes well shredded in a salad or baked into bread.  Stores best in plastic bag in fridge and wash before eating.  The cucumbers boast a slightly nutty flavor and an thin edible skin.  No need to peel these cucurbits!  They are amazing fresh in a salad or with a little lime, yogurt, and chile.  These are not waxed and may keep better wrapped in plastic in the fridge and wash before eating.  Delicious!

Black Bell Eggplant: The gorgeous beauties were grown with a weed fabric and they are producing quite well! These are exceptionally sweet, but the best way to draw out any bitterness is to cube it & cover with salt, then let sit for 10 minutes or so. Wash off salt & sauté or otherwise cook for a rich, complex flavor. Store in crisper in fridge for best results.  See for more eggplant recipes!

Sweet Banana Peppers:  Enjoy these deliciously sweet and crunchy peppers! They look like a big pepperoncini or resemble a hungarian wax pepper but are a larger and sweeter cousin to them both.  These are amazing sliced fresh in a salad, are terrific stuffed with cheese or meat and grilled, and are wonderful pickled.  Store in fridge in crisper and wash before using.

Green OR Red Bell Peppers:  These sweet and versatile peppers have a great crunch are a great addition to salads, stir-fries, and are perfect for stuffing.  Green peppers turn red and become sweeter as they mature and some of you might just get some that are "sun-tanned" (or green with some red).   Store in crisper in fridge and wash before eating.

Tomatillos:  These beautiful self-packaged gems make an amazing green salsa (see our recipe archive online) and are a wonderful addition to tomato sauces: dry roast in a hot pan, stirring occasionally, until rather soft.  Take care not to burn!  Store in bag in fridge and remove papery skins before use and rinse before eating.

Apples:  These Gala apples are first of the season organic treats from our friend and neighbor Greg at Coco Ranch near Davis.  Keep in the fridge or on the counter (depending on how you like to eat them) and wash before consuming.

Mixed Potatoes:  These are a mix of our Caribe, Purple Viking, Yellow Finn, German Butterball, and Yukon Gold potatoes.  They make a colorful potato salad or pretty roasted spud medley.  Store in fridge for best keeping and eat the skin for most nutrients. Wash well before eating and enjoy!