We have been on a search for some years now to find a great melon or melons to grow. We have tried all the heirloom varieties from Seed Savers catalog and more. We think you will agree that the melons in your boxes are nothing to write home about. The real issue here is that the best melons are hybrids which come from, large seed companies owned by those 'life science' companies that we love, read Monsanto. My favorite melon and one that grows so well and tastes so good grown at Eatwell Farm is Ambrosia. So what should we do? I have the following three questions for you all, make your choice..

1. Nigel, get real just buy the seed for Ambrosia, we love great melons.

2. Ok, we don't like corporate America but next year grow some for us to taste then let's have another vote.

3. Nigel, have you lost it? Never support those scumbags, keep on searching.

There you have it, let me know. The vote is on.