DSCF1726.JPG He has been working at Eatwell farm for eight years now. When not working he can be seen at all his sons soccer matches.

Roberto is our main tractor driver on the farm. He drives a 125 horse power, four wheel drive Case Maxxum. This $85,000 tractor is three years old and one of the modern low emission, fuel efficient diesels from Europe. A 60 gallon tank lasts Roberto about 20 hours which is very good for the amount of work Roberto can get done with it.


It takes a great deal of skill to accurately plant and cultivate beds of our crops. Operating powerful and dangerous equipment takes not only skill but a great deal of attention to detail and pride in your work. Roberto has all that and more. We are very fortunate to have him as part of the farm.

In the picture he is winding up drip line used on our melons. It will be used again next year. We normally get three uses before there are too many holes in the lines. Reeling it in carefully allows more uses and saves us having to buy more.