IMG_0467.JPG As I have said before I could spend all my time working on perfecting the eggs never mind the rest of the farm. We have achieved so much but there is still along way to go to make pasture raised eggs the norm. We have had lots of success but as that guy who raises apples said  with success always come failures. We have two new flocks that should be laying like crazy at the present time. They are not which has Agustin and I scratching our heads. Agustin thinks that we moved them in with the older girls too soon. The big girls stole their higher protein feed. They should start laying at four and a half months and we moved them into the main flock at three and a half months. So they missed out on the higher octane feed for the last month. They were fenced inside the main flock but our girls have a reputation for not respecting fences. As the nights lengthen the older girls slow down in production. We have cut out all the stores from deliveries of eggs. I must say it is quite gratifying to see some store buyers beg for eggs, not the customers, these are the people who buy from us to stock the stores.

Anyway we do have a problem which we hope will resolve itself as the new girls mature albeit more slowly. Agustin and I have a plan and that is to set up a special area well away from the main flock where we will raise the new chickens to the point where they are already laying before they join the main gang.

Each morning I enjoy a soft boiled egg just like many of you and give thanks, as I am sure many of you all do, for the great gift of a tasty, nutritious egg.