DSCF0074.JPG You may have read the article on Grist or listened to the Living on Earth interview this past weekend about the protest in the pasture. I would like to remind all our members that by the very fact of you being a member of Eatwell Farm you are taking action to secure your food for you and your family without corporate distribution.

Being a farmer I have never had time to protest but I have always thought that by the very fact of what we do here is one solution to many of the hot issues at the moment. Your dollars allow us to not only grow great food but also to protect the land in our care. The implications for the health of the environment and all of us who work here are tremendous. Farms like ours keep your money local, supporting our local community is some of the most radical and effective ways we can make changes. I have heard many people complain about how ineffective their vote can be but I remind them that the most powerful vote they have is the dollar in their pocket.

Thank you for your support of Eatwell Farm... Nigel