The lack of rain means we do not a have a lush pasture to give the girls for January and February. All our water from the well has been used on the vegetables to keep them in great condition. When José and the crew moved the chickens last Thursday morning, there was great merriment. Healthy girls need fresh pasture, and we had just started to see eye infections in a few birds. Dry, cold weather can weaken us all. The move and some rain later this week will help. We are coming up to the lowest egg production period of the year. We will reduce or stop sending eggs to Rainbow Grocery and the farmers market, if needed, to make sure you get all the eggs you would like with your boxes. You, the members of the farm, are our number one priority. Production will rise again in the second half of February, plus we have two new flocks of pulleys that will be ready to lay by then. For the first four weeks the eggs are small, which is a good thing. If I were a chicken, laying a jumbo egg wouldn't be my first choice as the first egg I laid. These small eggs are sometimes called training eggs. They are very high in nutrition and quite sought after.