Strawberries: These berries were just picked on Tuesday morning and should be eaten within a day or two. Keep them in the fridge to maintain freshness. Please return the baskets to your delivery site so they can be reused. Enjoy! Basil: We are including basil tips in your box! To encourage outward growth of the basil plants, the crew trimmed them. This is just a sample of the summer harvest you can look forward to! Keep your basil in a plastic bag in the fridge and use soon.

Cilantro: This fragrant herb pairs incredibly well with piquant foods and can enhance the flavors of many dishes. Wrap in a damp paper towel or store upright in an inch of water, then refrigerate. Do not wash prior to refrigeration, but make sure to wash before use.

Italian Flat-Leaf Parsley: Its beautifully clean, crisp flavor adds depth to many a dish! Store in a plastic bag in the fridge and use rather quickly.

Mixed Lettuce: Enjoy these fresh greens for salads and sandwiches! It is a mix of red-leaf and Romaine lettuces. Store in plastic bag in fridge and wash well before consuming.

Chard: These big, beautiful leaves are mighty tasty! Remove the leaves from the stems, but make sure to eat the stems too. The stems will need to be cooked a little longer than the leaves. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge and wash well before using.

Red Russian Kale: This beautifully ruffled leafy green is full of calcium and iron and will turn bright green when perfectly cooked. Slice leaf from stem and store in plastic bag in fridge.  Wash before eating and enjoy.

Green Garlic: This young garlic has a milder and less bitter bite than garlic cloves and sweetens when cooked. It can also be eaten raw! Green garlic has flat leaves with V-shaped cross sections, which are very tasty. Store in fridge and use within a week. Delicious!

Beets: These beautiful root veggies have a deep crimson color. Don’t forget to eat the greens, too — they’re extremely good for you! Store roots separately from greens. Keep both in crisper in fridge and eat greens just like you would chard!

Turnips: This ancient veggie is one of the earliest to be cultivated and was a staple before the potato. It is rich in fiber, calcium, and vitamins A and C. These beauties can be eaten raw or steamed and have a deliciously buttery crunch. Remove the greens and store in separate plastic bags in fridge. Be sure to wash them before eating.

Wakefield Cabbage: Nigel claims that this variety of cabbage is the sweetest he has ever eaten! It’s a British variety and has a cute little pointed head. You can eat it just like you would any other cabbage (in slaws, salads, sautés, soups, etc). Store in fridge.

Désirée Potatoes: These rosy red spuds are the first of the season and have a creamy texture! They are great for roasting, using in a salad or mashing. Store in fridge for best keeping and eat the skin for most nutrients! Wash before eating.