Exciting news for those of you coming to the farm events this summer: our pond is getting a liner! Last year we filled the pond, but the water leaked out at an alarming rate. Pond liners are expensive; luckily for us we have friends at Recology who have come to the rescue. One of their suppliers has stock of a material that is no longer approved for landfill lining. The supplier was willing to sell us the material at half price, deliver it and install it for free! Delivery took place last week and now we are waiting for the installation crew to finish a big job at the landfill in Dixon before they install ours. It probably won’t be ready for the garlic braiding / summer solstice party, but you should be able to go for a swim in the pond at the tomato canning parties! Not only will the pond be used to cool off on a hot day, but it will eventually be used for irrigating the crops on the farm.