Many times at the summer solstice party I was thanked for opening up the farm for our solstice sleepover. While this was very much appreciated, my reply was this is your farm, you pay for the all the production and goings on here with your subscriptions. I enjoy sharing it, and it is important for everyone to know where their food comes from. You can see it grow in the fields. On Saturday we got to watch the crew staking and tying tomatoes, and this gave us all an appreciation of the hard work at goes into making your box of produce every week. I have said for a long time it is more than a great box of produce; the farm events are one of those extras. There is something very special about our community sharing a meal together in the fresh air of the farm. Pitching your tent and sleeping on the farm all adds to the experience. Please try to make it to another event this summer here on your farm. We will be announcing the dates of the tomato saucing parties in a week or two. I need to look at the crop with Jose, and we must predict when the flush of delicious fruits will arrive. Bring the family, friends or strays to check out where your hard earned money is spent...Nigel