IMG_0391.JPG During the month of November we are offering our pasture-raised chicken stock at a discount: $6 per 2 pounds. At the farmers market the normal price is $9. Lorraine and I want to entice you into trying our fabulous stock. These birds have roamed our organic pastures and been fed organic feed all their lives. Once their egg production cannot pay for the cost of their very special organic feed they have to go. What better way than an incredibly nutritious and versatile stock. Last night Lorraine made a very simple and quick soup with leftover vegetables from our box. (Yes, we get a box each week, too!) She has used the stock to cook rice for a rich flavor. I want you all to enjoy this great product from your farm. After the stock is cooked, the bones go to pet food; therefore, nothing is wasted. Order online or see us at the market on Saturday for stock. You can also request a container as a renewal or referral gift by sending Ashlee a quick email.