IMG_1820.JPG If you would like to order any of the following with your box next week please do it now. Once the stock is sold out it will disappear from our online store. Any not ordered by noon on Friday will be taken to the Farmers Market in San Francisco for Market customers. Noon on Friday is also your last chance to order Seville Oranges, there are just a few bags left.

Yes, Flour is back in very limited quantities. There will be more released over the next four weeks. The first is Sonora Wheat. The variety was brought over from Spain by the Conquistadors. It is an Heirloom variety, very much appreciated for its flavor. It is a high protein soft wheat which means it does not fit into modern flour categories. We do not care about that, it tastes great and had not been zapped by radiation to make it grow faster and yield more. Certified organic.


Pullet Eggs are now available to add to you Eatwell Harvest Share. These are the first eggs a chicken lays and they have the highest nutrition. They are highly regarded for baking. They are small to medium brown eggs. Sold in dozens only.


Tangerines that are in your harvest share this week are available in larger quantities, 5lb bags. They are amazing juiced. Certified organic.