Here's the problem... We need to know when Ginger Rose is ovulating. With only one cow this can be tricky. Jason the vet said get a pedometer and sync it with your IPhone. I looked online and proprietary systems for Dairies cost a fortune, we have only one cow so that did not make sense. I then went to Amazon and found a pedometer for just $60. Here's how it works... when she is ovulating she a very much more active. So we are now establishing a baseline either steps taken per day or calories burned. We then look for a sudden doubling of activity.


Jason helped me install this last week, it made us laugh when I entered Gingers details, age, weight etc. The maximum weight was 600lbs, she logs in at around 1,000lbs. I suspect if someone at Fitbit takes a look at he details they will be puzzled.


We will let you know how well it works. If you have a fitbit you can, I believe watch her progress by becoming one of her friends.