One of the key reasons you join a CSA is because you love really fresh produce.  The problem for me is I have to put together some recipes before Tuesday morning long before I have this week’s box in hand.  Most of the time there is little issue because as the season treks along much of the variety is repeating itself and I probably have most items in the house.  But when I heard we were going to have Snap Peas in the box that was too exciting.  So Nigel and I put the lead on Stella (she is becoming more like a giant dog than a horse) and walked out to the peas.  Wow, eating peas out in the field, hand to mouth, is a thrilling experience for this “City” girl;  with the first crunchy chomp I realized they are so fresh and yummy that my advice to you is to eat them just as they are, but if you want to add them to part of a meal here is a delicious recipe you can prepare in a “snap” :). Spring Soup Serves 4 1 Leek - washed, trimmed (using up to the pale green bits) sliced 1 Green Garlic - same as with the leek 1 Carrot chopped, diced, sliced however you prefer it cut 1/2 bunch Spinach, trim the very bottom, cut leaf from stem, chopping them separately as you will cook them at different times Snap Peas, little ends trimmed and washed.  You decide how much you want to put in.  I cut them into halves or thirds depending on the size. 1 TB Oil of choice  I personally really like organic Sunflower oil 1 Qt Eatwell Farm Chicken Stock or Vegetable Stock 2 Tsp Eatwell Farm Lemon Salt Pepper to taste

Sauté Leeks, Green Garlic and Carrot until they begin to soften.  Add Spinach stems and sauté a little longer.  Put in the Stock and Lemon Salt and cook until Carrots are done to your liking.  Add the chopped Spinach leaves cooking a little longer.  Just before serving I added the Snap Peas, giving them just enough time to warm a little, but not cook.  The flavor is so fresh and sweet, it is a waste to cook them, and it was amazing how just a handful of peas added so much flavor!