IMG_6021.JPG We all love lettuce, spinach, arugula and other winter greens and now is the critical time to sow the crops that we will harvest from November to February. There are twelve rows on each of these beds. It takes a great deal of skill and specialized equipment for Roberto and Ramon to produce these crops. We first have to prepare a very flat and even bed. We have a power mulcher from Button Willow near Fresno. the job of seeding the crops goes to a custom piece of equipment made for us in Salinas by John Bauer who is now our Johnny's Seed representative. There are 6 seeding units each feeding seed to two lines. We can and do sometimes sow six varieties of lettuce on one bed. before the crop is sown Jose has to irrigate the beds a couple of times to encourage as many weeds to germinate as possible. Just before they pop out of the ground we sow the crop. The coulters sowing our seeds dislodge and destroy almost every weed germinating in the row where our crop will grow. Ramon comes along with Miguel and our brush weeder from Switzerland once the crop germinates and very carefully brushes the weeds between the rows. There are tunnels to protect the crop. Twice a week from then on the brush weed the crop until we come back and harvest for you.