IMG_6836.JPG (Listed from shortest shelf life to longest shelf life) Spinach: We are famous for our dirty and very tasty spinach. We grow savoy varieties which have the best flavor but the wrinkly leaves are much harder to wash. I believe the effort is well worth it. A few years ago we grew flat leaf (easy to wash) and our regular savoy varieties and members resoundingly said keep growing the savoy spinach. Store in your crisper. Romaine or Red Leaf Lettuce: I do plants some lettuce to grow to large heads in the fall and now we get to enjoy them. Store in the crisper in a plastic bag. Red Russian Kale: Sweet and delicious is all I can say. I am very happy with the crop. There maybe a few white marks on the leaves more to the edges where there has been some rubbing of the leaves in windy weather. Bok Choy: We have some larger heads of this delicious Asian vegetable. A staple of stir frying, goes great with eggs. Very easy and quick to cook. Store in the crisper. Red Radish: Crisp red radish for salads or eating out of hand. Store in the crisper with the tops removed. Florence Fennel: What a beautiful vegetable. We got to enjoy a fennel salad with orange, nuts, persimmons and a few other delicious things made by our Swiss visitors. Delicious. Romanesco or Broccoli or Cauliflower: One of these will be in your box. We are working hard to make sure do not send you any aphids but as we do not spray that is difficult at times. Please wash the produce carefully and let us know if there are any problems. We always replace anything not up to snuff. New Potatoes: We planted these at the end of August. The yield per plant is low but the flavor is great and you can see how fresh they as you can rub away the skin. Store in the crisper. Red Cabbage: Nice hard and well formed heads these are great for salads. Cut off what you need then wrap them up and put back in the crisper. They will keep for several weeks. For those of you into sauerkraut, and every one should be, we have 20lb boxes of hard green cabbage on sale in the webstore for $19. It will be delivered with your next box once you order it. Please remember to order before Sunday at 4pm to make sure it comes with your box that week. Leeks: We grow a European variety called Tadorna which has a long white shank. There is a very special planting machine that dibs a deep hole to plant the leeks to get a maximum white shank. Unfortunately we do not have the $25,000 for one of those. Even so they are pretty amazing. Store in the crisper. Satsuma Mandarins: From our own Citrus grove and from Bill Crepps in Winters. The paperwork of organic farming drives Bill crazy so he is not certified. That does not change how he farms. The taste tell us he is organic and I have known Bill for many years. Navel Oranges: From Nacho at Twin Girls Farm, certified organic. They are certified organic and pack for a wholesaler called purity so that is why you may sometimes find these labels on fruit from them. I asked for small fruit responding to members with small children who sometimes cannot eat a whole orange. Enjoy the great bounty and vitality of the food from your farm. Many Thanks, Lorraine and Nigel.