Universal-Chickens-AustralorpJust before Christmas we had a meeting with Jim Adkins from the Sustainable Poultry Network. We will be having our own breeding flock here on the farm, hatching our own chicks and selecting which birds do well here, in our climate or Biome as Lorraine likes to call it. We are getting 200 breeders from a North Carolina Farm in Mid February. In June Jim will return and teach us how to assess the birds. We will be looking for good egg production, a nice carcass as we will sell the males at 16 weeks old and the ability to thrive in our climate. This is a very long term project which is not cheap to embark on but Lorraine and I are convinced it is the way to go. The girls we have now were bred for cage free operations where the conditions are highly controlled and so unlike what they experience in our fields.