They’re working on some tasty clover pasture while we remove drip lines and stakes from the tomato fields and just drip lines from the winter squash beds. They should make short work of the final remains of these crops. Roberto will then prepare more beds for winter vegetables and cover crop pasture to replace the tomatoes.
The cover crop pasture on the right has Barley blend into the mix. The Barley, if sown early, can have roots that reach 6 feet deep into the soil by May. This is great for soil building and unlocking deep down nutrients and breaking up subsoil.
In a week we will be planting heirloom wheat with clover seeds which will fix nitrogen for the wheat and leave a pasture for the chickens to eat after we harvest the wheat in June. In this way we get wheat planted and a pasture established at the same time. These kinds of experiments are important and vital for the improvement of the soil.