Earlier this month we got a truly wonderful note from our member, Bryan Vicknair...


I've been a member of the CSA for a bit over a month.  I am writing to let you
know how valuable the weekly recipes are to my family.

We used to pay an annual fee to a service called The Fresh 20, which provided
a weekly shopping list of 20 in-season fresh ingredients, along with recipes
that used all the ingredients.  This CSA has improved on that by providing
weekly recipes, and the fresh ingredients!

As someone new to cooking, your recipes have been extremely helpful in teaching
me some basics, and in establishing some confidence.  The internet provides so
much information, and the supermarket provides so much food, that learning
cooking can be overwhelming.  This CSA and the recipes have been perfect at
narrowing my focus.

The CSA and the recipes have forced my family to try new foods, and we are
enjoying that very much.  We are also enjoying more cooked meals instead of
quick-to-prepare side dishes and snacking.

The CSA really wouldn't be the same to me if the recipes were not included; I
am very grateful for them.  Thank you Lorraine for your diligent work, and
Nigel and the boys for being the guinea pigs!

Bryan Vicknair

Thank you, Bryan, for the kind words. As much as we all enjoy nerding out on farm tech and technique, it's really all about you, the members.