Time is different on a farm.  First of all, start of the day absolutely depends on the time of year.  It makes perfect sense to start your day just after sunup, get much of the hard work done before the heat of the day.  Conversely no reason to start at 6 in the middle of winter, it’s still dark.  Additionally many of the items that go into your box appreciate an early picking.  Strawberries are a classic example; pick them while they are still somewhat cool from the night and get them into the cooler right away.  Basil, same thing.  Today we did our farm walk around 5:30 in the evening. Still quite hot, I was grateful it wasn’t our usual 12:30 or 1:00 right after lunch.  The farm is magical in the evening.  This place is bustling all day long, sounds of tractors humming, the guys in the truck driving back and forth from field to cooler, our old car running up and down the farm moving irrigation pipes.  So walking at 5:30 meant we had the farm to ourselves; a rare treat I can assure you.  When we got to the very end I sat for a while next to our last row of poplar trees and just soaked it all in.  How incredibly lucky we are to share our lives with this land.  - Lorraine
In the picture I was cleaning out a sprinkler. The canal water is not filtered so our nozzles do block some times. The storage pond will catch this debris in the water and we will draw from a depth to pump into the field where not bits will block our nozzles. This will save us a great deal of time because if Jose is not driving around moving pipe he is checking that all the lines are working correctly. With automatic timers he can walk the farm each day and make subtle changes to the programs only, this will save 8 or 9 hours of work each day.