In the summer this is probably my favorite meal; a fantastic homemade burger with super thick slices of really ripe tomatoes, homemade mayo, and corn on the cob.  My biggest problem has always been the bun.  I don’t enjoy the sprouted wheat buns and most regular buns sog out before you get 1/4 of the way through.  In search of a better solution I researched hamburger bun recipes, then came up with my own using Eatwell Farm Freshly Milled Heirloom Flour.  I have included the recipe here.  These buns also make delicious dinner rolls.  Our most recent group of Bay Leaf Kitchen campers designated a group of six kids to come in the house and bake several batches with me, which they served with their dinner Thursday night.  So this is a very kid proof recipe. I strongly encourage parents to have your kids (with a little guidance from you of course) give them a try.  For the perfect burger I use only grass fed beef like Prather Ranch or Marin Sun Farms.  I loosely form the patties and sprinkle one side with Eatwell Farm Lavender Salt* and freshly ground pepper.  Let sit at room temp a minimum of 10 minutes.  Get your pan (I use a cast iron grill skillet) screaming hot and throw the burgers in salt side down. Cook to your preference of doneness.  DO NOT squish your burgers down with the spatula as that only makes for a dry burger.  Serve with a lot of thick sliced tomatoes, preferably not the heirlooms as they are just too juicy.  And you can also use the lettuce from your box as well.  *OK folks, trust me on the lavender salt, it is amazingly delicious on beef. Be daring give it a try! - Lorraine